Patient Safety

Patient Safety is one of the most important aspects of health care. Prevea360 Health Plan is committed to providing you with information that enables you to take an active role in obtaining the safest care possible.

The Patient Safety Network (PSNET) recommends several safe medication practices that contribute to improved patient safety and better health. There are several practical steps you can take today which have been demonstrated to reduce the risk associated with medication errors. Some proactive steps you can take:
  1. Make sure your health care practitioner knows all of the medicines you are taking, including vitamins and herbs.
  2. Make sure you can read the prescription. If you can’t read it, it is possible that the pharmacist can’t either.
  3. Ask for written information about possible side effects of the medicines you are taking.
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As more consumers actively participate in decisions about their health care, they require resources to help them make good decisions. Quality and patient safety data is one resource that is being made more widely available by many organizations. The Wisconsin Hospital Association and The Leapfrog Group are two examples of organizations on a state and national level, respectively, which provide hospital quality data. Prevea360 encourages all hospitals in its network to report their data. Visit the additional resources section of this page to view the CheckPoint and Leapfrog Group websites.

Additional Resources:  
These websites offer quizzes to help assess your health risks: