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Living Healthy

What is Living Healthy?
Living Healthy is Prevea360 Health Plan's well-being and medical management program that encompasses all wellness, medical management, local health facility discounts (formerly known as “Healthy Partners”) and tobacco cessation programs.

What's new under the Living Healthy program compared to previous wellness offerings?
Living Healthy provides you with a more robust and user-friendly online Health Assessment (HA), available through a new Living Healthy portal. The portal is powered by WebMD and enables you to take a more active role in your health by using customized wellness tools and tips that are tailored to your specific wellness needs. Living Healthy also includes an incentive program that rewards members for completing wellness activities and tracking them in the Living Healthy portal.

How long does the reward program run?
The reward program runs for calendar year, 1/1/16 - 12/31/16.

I completed my online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) in 2015, do I have to take it again in 2016 to receive a reward?
Yes. Living Healthy rewards runs calendar year, so you are required to complete the online Health Assessment each year to receive your reward. Log in to your Living Healthy portal to get started. Note, this offering was called “Well-Being Assessment (WBA)” in 2015 and is now known as “Health Assessment” through the new portal.

What is involved with taking the online Health Assessment (HA)?
The HA measures your current health status and overall well-being by asking a series of questions. When you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a confidential report with the results. From here, you can access interactive wellness tools that are customized based upon your responses to the questionnaire.

Will the information shared in my online Health Assessment (HA) remain private?
Prevea360 Health Plan takes privacy seriously. We comply with all provisions of the HIPPA privacy rule. Information you disclose in your HA is not sold for marketing purposes or shared with your health care provider(s). It is up to you if you would like to share your report with your health care provider(s). Otherwise, we may contact you to offer programs, services and educational information to help guide you toward improved health. You are not required to participate in any of these programs.

What types of information will be reported to my employer when I complete the online Health Assessment (HA)?
Your employer may receive an aggregate report from Prevea360 Health Plan, which includes summarized data from everybody in the group (no personally identifiable information is included). This information helps your employer in offering other health & wellness programs for your workplace.

What is My Health Assistant?
My Health Assistant consists of long-term and short-term goal-setting and tracking. It is found within the Living Healthy portal, in the top navigation menu under the Health Tools tab. Update your health goals to fit your lifestyle and reflect your progress. Add new goals you'd like to accomplish or remove goals that no longer fit within your wellness plan. Goals range from 4 weeks to 6 months, you must record "on track" within the timeframe to move the progress bar forward, in order to complete the number of days required to complete the goal.

How do I Add or Remove Goals in My Health Assistant?

  • Click "Manage My Goals" box.
  • Column on the right-hand side shows if goals are active or not.
  • To activate goal, select the goal you would like to activate and click "Create Goal."
  • To remove goal, select the goal you would like to remove and click "Remove Goal."

What is Daily Victory?
Daily Victory is a feature within the Living Healthy portal to help you build healthy exercise habits. It is found in the top navigation menu under the Health Tools tab. Daily Victory is ideal for someone that is starting an exercise program. You are able to recruit friends and family to help motivate each other to stay on track. Activate the "Enjoy Exercise" goal in My Health Assistant to track with Daily Victory. Daily Victory will track Steps and Exercise in Health Trackers (Health Record).

What are Health Trackers?
Health Trackers are an easy way for you to monitor your activity, whether your goal is to lower your blood pressure or to exercise three times per week. Trackers are found within the Living Healthy portal, in the top navigation menu under the Health Tools tab.

Device and App Connection Center
Fitbit is currently the only fitness tracker offered.

Will the Health Assessment (HA) ask me to provide health screening data? If I don't have that information available, can I still proceed?
When completing the online HA you are only required to fill in your height and weight. It will also prompt you for your health screening measurements (for example, cholesterol levels, glucose and blood pressure) but these are not required fields and therefore do not prohibit you from completing your assessment.


* Check with your plan administrator for reward point offerings specific to your plan.