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Prevea360 Health Plan believes that with the right tools, information and motivation, you can achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle on your own terms. That's what Living Healthy is all about. 

Our program is powered by WebMD, one of the most trusted names in health care. Living Healthy also has its rewards. Prevea360 Health Plan rewards up to $150 for your healthy activities!

Living Healthy portal

Get instant access to wellness offerings powered by WebMD through your personalized Living Healthy portal. Create your account to access up to $150 in wellness rewards and much more. 


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Health Assessment

This questionnaire gives you a better look at your overall health and how to improve. Plus, earn reward points!

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Living Healthy Rewards

Earn up to $150 in wellness rewards for completeing a heath assessment, having a MyChart account, and more! Redeem points for rewards before Dec. 31, 2018!

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Health Coach

Get expert support if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, COPD, asthma, heart failure, or coronary artery disease.

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Quit for Life

Get support to end your tobacco use today. No-cost medications may be available.

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Complex Case Management

You're not alone if you've been diagnosed with a complex health condition. We're here to help.

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We value your privacy
We stand by our promise to keep your information private and secure. WebMD is an industry leader in the privacy and security of electronic health information and communications. Prevea360 Health Plan shares secure claims information with WebMD. This data is only shared for the purpose of identifying health coaching opportunities through WebMD Condition Management program. The information that you provide WebMD is available only to you and those you authorize. Please read WebMD’s privacy policy within the Living Healthy portal for a full explanation as to how your health information will be handled and disclosed.