Complex Case Management

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Support and guidance whenever you need it

Navigating through the health care system can be challenging. Complex Case Management can help turn confusion into clarity.
If you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition or have a complex health care need, we'll provide you with the resources you need in a timely manner. Enroll today to gain free access to a registered nurse who will serve as your case manager.

Your case manager will:

  • create the best care plan in collaboration with you and your care management team
  • identify high-quality, cost-effective care options
  • ensure you receive the most appropriate health-related services for your condition
  • find supportive health care and/or community resources
  • offer support and resources to meet your healthcare goals
  • provide education and encouragement to promote a healthy lifestyle
You may be identified for complex case management based on a diagnosis, acute injury or a referral by your health care provider.

You also have the option to request Complex Case Management services yourself by calling our Customer Care Center at 877-230-7555 or filling out the form below.