Depend on Prevea360 to be there for you

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As your insurance partner, we’re here to help you navigate through the healthcare system when you need it most. We have everything you need in this section to manage your health coverage online and we’re also happy to take your calls or emails when you have questions.

Coverage and care centered around you—welcome to Prevea360.

Helpful Links

Your Plan Benefits
Find important documentation related to your health plan benefits, such as your certificate of coverage and member certificate or policy, and learn about poilicies and procedures that affect your coverage.

Cost Estimator
Wondering what some of your medical services might cost? Our tool can help you find a cost estimate. 

Out-of-Area Coverage
Prevea360 covers urgent and emergency care when you're traveling—read up before you leave home.

Understanding Prior Authorization
Learn why prior authorizations are required and how you can determine if you need one for certain services.

Care Management
If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition or have a complex health care need, several services are available to help you manage.

Get the Right Care
Not sure where to go for care? Learn about your options here.

Preventive Care
See what services are considered preventive by Prevea360 and why it's so important to get them.