Preventive Care: What's Covered?

At Prevea360 Health Plan, all of our coverage options emphasize a proactive preventive approach to care—one in which a primary care provider (PCP) oversees all aspects of an individual's healthcare needs and keeps them well through regular visits.

The Affordable Care Act and government mandates have only strengthened our position on preventive care. This philosophy is clearly reflected in the benefit packages offered as most preventive services are covered—and some at 100 percent. The complete list of services we cover as preventive is listed below.

The following services are provided with no copays, coinsurance or deductibles when services are delivered by a network provider, and when all preventive services criteria are met:
  • Routine vaccines for both adults and children
  • Flu and pneumonia vaccinations
  • Preventive care visit for routine screenings and preventive services, including Well Baby and Well Child visits
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screenings
  • Colorectal cancer screening for adults over age 50
  • Breast cancer mammography screenings every one to two years for women over age 40

To see your specific coverage details, please review your Member Certificate and Summary of Benefits.

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Questions? Visit our Preventive Care FAQs page.