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Well-Child Visits

How often should your children see the doctor? Kids grow and change fast in early childhood, and routine well-child visits play an important role in making sure they are on a healthy track.

Frequent well-child exams provide a chance for you and your child’s primary care provider (PCP) to:
  • Check growth and development
  • Discuss age-specific health, behavior and safety
  • Complete routine immunizations, screenings and tests
  • Talk through any questions or concerns you may have
Six or more well-child visits are recommended within your child’s first 15 months. These visits and all immunizations are covered for Dean Health Plan members.

See the American Academy of Pediatrics website for more about well-child visits.

Recommended Well-Child Visits

 By 1 month
 2 months
 4 months
 6 months
 9 months
 12 months
 15 months
 18 months
 2 years
 2 1/2 years
 Starting at age 3, one visit every year


Childhood Immunizations

Vaccines help keep children safe and free from vaccine preventable diseases. Here are five reasons to vaccinate children.
  • Immunizations can save a child’s life
  • Vaccinations are safe and effective
  • Immunizations protect others
  • Immunizations can save time and money
  • Immunizations help protect future generations
Visit Why Immunize Kids? for more information.

Immunization schedules can be found at:

Children’s Health Guide

See WebMD for information about developmental stages, diet and exercise, safety and more.
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