Medicare Advantage 2019 additional benefits

Your Prevea360 Medicare Advantage plan includes additional benefits that are not covered under Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B):



All Medicare Advantage plans include access to dental care to help maintain good oral health. Each plan’s dental coverage has varying levels of coverage. See below for a snapshot of coverage under your specific plan. This is not a complete description of coverage – refer to your Evidence of Coverage for complete details.

Dental benefits
** 20% coinsurance for fillings; 50% coinsurance for comprehensive

Dental Network

To use the directory, select Find a Dentist, then select Dean Health Dental Plan from the Plan dropdown menu. Enter your ZIP code under the Geographic section. Select the miles you're willing to travel (recommend at least a 30-mile radius). You can also see our printed dental directory.


Dental Q&A

I have Prevea360 Medicare Advantage and other dental coverage, what should I do?

Tell your dentist that you have dental coverage through your Medicare Advantage plan and a secondary carrier. Take your ID cards to your appointment. Your primary insurance (Prevea360 Medicare Advantage) will process first and your secondary dental insurance will process second. Having dual coverage does not guarantee no out-of-pocket responsibilities.

Can I see any dentist?

Your Prevea360 Medicare Advantage dental coverage does not cover services performed by an out-of-network dentist.

What is my dental coinsurance?

There is no coinsurance for covered Preventive benefits. You will pay 20% - 50% coinsurance for covered Restorative and Comprehensive benefits. See your Evidence of Coverage for complete details for your plan.

Living Healthy

Living Healthy, powered by WebMD, offers rewards and incentives for Medicare Advantage members to achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle. That’s what Living Healthy is all about!

Get instant access to wellness offerings through your personalized Living Healthy portal, create your account to access wellness rewards and much more. See below for a snapshot of coverage under your specific plan. This is not a complete description of coverage. For complete details, log in to the Living Healthy Portal.

Wellness rewards

Log in to the Living Healthy portal to start the journey to better health!

MAPD members may earn points for completing healthy activities and taking self-assessments to gauge their personal wellness. In order to earn the maximum reward amount, members must earn at least 70% of the total number of available points. Point totals vary by plan.

Plan name Total Points available Points needed for wellness reward
Prevea360 Medicare Advantage – Essential 100 70
Prevea360 Medicare Advantage – Assurance 200 140
Prevea360 Medicare Advantage – Balance 300 210
Prevea360 Medicare Advantage - Complete 500 350

Activity examples: annual dental visit, annual preventive screening, annual flu vaccine, annual eye exam, register your Fitbit device, etc.

Self-assessment examples: senior health, cancer prevention, joint pain, etc.


Prevea360 Medicare Advantage members have access to Silver&Fit! Silver&Fit is a fitness program that provides no-cost fitness center memberships, online fitness tools and online classes. You have your choice of one of two options at no cost to you:

  1. FItness center membership: Go to any SIlver&Fit fitness club, YMCA or exercise center* that takes part in the program, or
  2. A home fitness program: Choose from a variety of home fitness kits. You can get up to two kits each benefit year. 

*Non-standard services that call for an added fee are not part of the Silver&Fit program and will not be reimbursed. The Silver&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH). 
Silver&Fit is a federally registered trademark of ASH.

Register or Login Today!

Visit and click on "Find a Fitness Center" for the searchable directory.


Everyday activities, such as driving and walking, can become unsafe if you can't see properly. Having vision assistance can help you enjoy life more.

See below for a snapshot of coverage under your specific plan. This is not a complete description of coverage – see your Evidence of Coverage for complete details. 

Vision benefits


Difficulty in hearing can be stressful. Hearing aids not only help you hear a lot better, but they also make your daily activities, such as talking with loved ones, easier and more enjoyable.

See below for a snapshot of coverage under your specific plan. This is not a complete description of coverage – see your Evidence of Coverage for complete details.

Hearing benefits

Worldwide Emergency Coverage

Prevea360 Medicare Advantage provides coverage for Emergency and Urgently needed services outside of the United States. See your plan’s Evidence of Coverage for the copay and annual maximum benefit.

U.S. Visitor/Traveler Benefit

Prevea360 Medicare Advantage Complete provides a visitor/traveler program to members who are temporarily traveling in the U.S. outside of Wisconsin. Under our visitor/traveler program you may receive all plan-covered services at in-network cost-sharing. You must receive services from providers that accept Medicare assignment and agree to bill Dean Health Plan.  

Benefit details for Medicare Advantage Travel

*U.S. only

  • You must notify us in advance of the start and end date for each occurrence when you will be traveling outside of Wisconsin and you want to activate the visitor/traveler benefit.
  • If your visit/travel meets the criteria for this benefit, you will be approved for the actual amount of time you are vacationing/traveling for up to 3 months of continuous travel.
  • Under no circumstances is this visitor/traveler benefit available for greater than a total of 6 months during a calendar year.
  • For information about Dental benefits under the Visitor/Traveler benefit and for additional details, see your Dean Advantage Complete Evidence of Coverage. You need to print this cover letter and give it your dental provider when you receive care.