Prevea360 Health Plan Premium Payments

Prevea360 Health Plan offers a number of payment options:

  • Pay Your Health Insurance Premium Online
  • ACH: This option allows us to automatically withdraw funds from your checking or savings account to pay your monthly health insurance premiums. Funds are withdrawn on the 23rd of each month prior to the month of coverage. To participate simply complete the form on the back of your monthly invoice and return to Prevea360 Health Plan.
  • Mail: Return the bottom portion of your invoice with your premium payment in the enclosed envelope to:
    26177 Network Place
    Chicago, IL 60673-1261
  • In Person Payment: Find retail locations where you can pay your health insurance premium. Please wait to make payment until you receive your invoice and take your invoice with you at the time of payment.

To complete your enrollment, premium payment must be received prior to your effective date.
Please note -
Effective coverage date:
  • If coverage is selected between the 1st – 15th day of the month: Effective coverage date is the 1st day of the following month
  • If coverage is selected between the 16th – last day of the month: Effective coverage date is the first day of the second following month