Quit for good

We offer two tobacco cessation programs:

  • Freedom From Smoking (all are welcome)
  • Quit for Life (health plan members only)

What is Freedom from Smoking?

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Prevea360 offers a virtual tobacco quit program, Freedom from Smoking. This small group program includes eight one-hour sessions led by a certified Freedom from Smoking facilitator. The program features a step-by-step plan for quitting tobacco. Each session is designed to help tobacco users understand their triggers, urges and develop coping strategies to stay committed to quitting. This engaging program uses a variety of evidence-based techniques to personalize and address individual needs along with the benefits of support from a group setting. Freedom from Smoking is open to Prevea360 members and community members.

For questions, please call 877-230-7555 or contact [email protected].

Supporting all tobacco users, including cigarettes, smokeless, e-cigarette and vaping product users.
Medications and nicotine-replacement therapy are also available at no cost for plan members.

Upcoming sessions

Once registered, a confirmation will be sent to the email provided.

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Tuesdays, Jul. 27 - Sep. 712:30 - 1:30 pmRegister Now
Tuesdays, Sep. 28 - Nov. 911:30 am - 12:30 pmRegister Now

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Quit For Life

Another option for health plan members is the Quit for Life program. Once you've made the decision to quit, we'll help you move along the path to success. Quit For Life® provides effective services and support from Prevea360 Health Plan. Quit at your own pace and conquer your cravings today!

Or call (866) QUIT4LIFE (866-784-8454).

This free program includes:

  • Phone-Based Coaching: There's no need to come in to a clinic. We'll help you quit over the phone! A certified Quit Coach® will teach you skills and behavioral strategies to help you quit for life. You may be eligible for up to five outbound coaching calls and unlimited access to a Quit Coach for the duration of the program.
  • Medications that really work: You may receive twelve weeks of the NRT patch or gum at no cost, mailed directly to your home. Prevea360 Health Plan also provides coverage for effective tobacco cessation medications that allow you to remove tobacco from your system altogether as your body gradually adjusts to nicotine withdrawal. You must obtain a prescription from your provider and enroll in the program to be eligible for covered medications.
  • Additional Resources: You get access to print and online resources to help you through the quitting process.

Or call (866) QUIT4LIFE (866-784-8454).

Check out these online resources: the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association of Wisconsin, the American Heart Association and Live Vape Free.

This program is free to members 18 years and older. Prevea360 Health Plan members who receive benefits through state employment or the Medicaid/BadgerCare program may have different tobacco cessation benefits. Medicare members are not eligible for Quit for Life. For information about this benefit under your specific plan, please call our Customer Care Center at 800-279-1301.

Live Vape FreeSM

Live Vape FreeSM is a free resource for teenagers and parents that offers expert guidance and education about the risks of vaping. It’s a safe place for teens and parents to learn about the harms of vaping, hear from their peers, and have a place to take action when ready.

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise and the Surgeon General declaring use in young adults an epidemic, Quit for Life, in partnership with Rally, is making the support, tools, and resources to go vape-free available to all.

The site’s resources include:

  • A vaping discussion guide
  • Articles about quitting - why, how, and what to expect
  • The latest news about vaping