Prevea360 Health Plan's behavioral health and substance use case management provides an individualized approach for members with mental health and substance use disorders. The goal is to help you manage your health and live your best life.

Our team of nurses, social workers and program outreach specialists can help you locate and navigate community and provider resources, set personal goals for health maintenance, and provide education to build resiliency and support recovery. Case management begins with an assessment of your health and wellness needs to develop an individual care plan with personalized goals.

Your behavioral health case manager can help you:

  • Understand your individual health care plan including how to maximize your benefits
  • Coordinate care with providers, clinics, and programs to facilitate treatment for your mental health or substance use condition
  • Connect to community-based services and resources for recovery, including those to meet needs for shelter, food, transportation, and legal concerns
  • Enhance wellness through education, goal setting, and self-care initiatives
  • Develop a support network for recovery through peer support
  • Define a safety plan for crisis management

Enrollment is voluntary. Sign up and one of our team members will contact you.